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Honda Fit/Jazz - Standards and Service Limits - 6

Online Honda Fit/Jazz 2002-2005 Workshop repair manual used by professionals.

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Snip from the Manual

Manual Transmission and DifferentialItemMeasurementQualificationStandard or NewService LimitTransmission oilCapacityFor fluid change: 1.5 L (1.6 US qt, 1.3 lmp qt)For overhaul: 1.6 L (1.7 US qt, 1.4 lmp qt)MainshaftEnd play0.11-0.18 mm
(0.004-0.007 in.)AdjustDiameter of ball bearing contact area (clutch housing side)25.977-25.990 mm
(1.0227-1.0232 in.)25.92 mm
(1.021 in.)Diameter of distance collar contact area28.992-29.005 mm
(1.1414-1.1419 in.)28.93 mm
(1.139 in.)Diameter of needle bearing contact area34.984-35.000 mm
(1.3773-1.3780 in.)34.93 mm
(1.375 in.)Diameter of ball bearing contact area (transmission housing side)25.987-26.000 mm
(1.0231-1.0236 in.)25.93 mm
(1.021 in.)Diameter of pilot bearing contact area14.870-14.890 mm
(0.5854-0.5862 in.)———Runout0.02 mm (0.001 in.) max.0.05 mm (0.002 in.)Mainshaft 3rd and 4th gearsI.D.39.009-39.025 mm
(1.5358-1.5364 in.)39.07 mm
(1.538 in.)End play3rd gear0.06-0.21 mm
(0.002-0.008 in.)0.33 mm
(0.013 in.)4rd gear0.06-0.19 mm
(0.002-0.007 in.)0.31 mm
(0.012 in.)Thickness3rd gear27.92-27.97 mm
(1.099-1.101 in.)27.85 mm
(1.096 in.)4th gear27.02-27.07 mm
(1.064-1.066 in.)26.95 mm
(1.061 in.)Mainshaft 5th gearI.D.39.009-39.025 mm
(1.5358-1.5364 in.)39.07 mm
(1.538 in.)End play0.06-0.19 mm
(0.002-0.007 in.)0.31 mm
(0.012 in.)Thickness28.92-28.97 mm
(1.139-1.141 in.)28.85 mm
(1.136 in.)CountershaftDiameter of needle bearing contact area (clutch housing side)34.000-34.015 mm
(1.3386-1.3392 in.)33.95 mm
(1.337 in.)Diameter of ball bearing contact area (transmission housing side)24.980-24.993 mm
(0.9835-0.9840 in.)24.93 mm
(0.981 in.)Diameter of 1st gear contact area37.984-38.000 mm
(1.4954-1.4961 in.)37.934 mm
(1.493 in.)Runout0.02 mm (0.001 in.) max.0.05 mm (0.002 in.)Countershaft 1st gearI.D.43.009-43.025 mm
(1.6933-1.6939 in.)43.070 mm
(1.6957 in.)End play0.03-0.12 mm
(0.001-0.005 in.)0.24 mm
(0.009 in.)Thickness26.89-26.94 mm (1.059-1.061 in.)26.86 mm (1.057 in.)Countershaft 2nd gearI.D.45.009-45.025 mm
(1.7720-1.7726 in.)45.07 mm
(1.774 in.)End play0.04-0.12 mm (0.002-0.005 in.)0.24 mm (0.009 in.)Thickness27.41-27.46 mm (1.079-1.081 in.)27.36 mm (1.077 in.)Countershaft 2nd gear distance collarI.D.34.000-34.010 mm
(1.3386-1.3390 in.)34.04 mm
(1.340 in.)O.D.39.989-40.000 mm
(1.5744-1.5748 in.)39.93 mm
(1.572 in.)Length27.53-27.56 mm
(1.084-1.085 in.)27.51 mm
(1.083 in.)

Manual Transmission and Differential (cont'd)ItemMeasurementQualificationStandard or NewService LimitMainshaft 4th and 5th gears distance collarI.D.29.014-29.024 mm
(1.1423-1.1427 in.)29.06 mm
(1.144 in.)O.D.34.989-35.000 mm
(1.3775-1.3780 in.)34.93 mm
(1.375 in.)Length


A51.97-52.03 mm
(2.046-2.048 in.)———B24.03-24.06 mm
(0.946-0.947 in.)———Mainshaft MBS distance collarI.D.26.02-26.17 mm (1.024-1.030 in.)Length12.00-12.05 mm (0.472-0.474 in.)———Reverse idler gearI.D.15.016-15.043 mm
(0.5912-0.5922 in.)15.08 mm
(0.594 in.)Gear-to-reverse gear shaft clearance0.032-0.077 mm
(0.0012-0.0030 in.)0.14 mm
(0.006 in.)Synchro ringRing-to-gear clearanceRing pushed against gear0.85-1.10 mm
(0.033-0.043 in.)0.4 mm
(0.02 in.)Shift forkFinger thickness1st-2nd and 3rd-4th forks7.4-7.6 mm
(0.29-0.30 in.)———5th forks6.7-6.9 mm
(0.26-0.27 in.)———Fork-to-synchro sleeve clearance0.35-0.65 mm
(0.014-0.026 in.)1.0 mm
(0.04 in.)Reverse shift forkPawl groove width13.5-13.8 mm
(0.53-0.54 in.)———Fork-to-reverse idler gear clearance1.3-1.9 mm
(0.05-0.07 in.)2.5 mm
(0.1 in.)Shift armI.D.13.973-14.000 mm (0.5501-0.5512 in.)———Shift fork diameter at contact area12.9-13.0 mm (0.508-0.512 in.)———Shift arm-to-shaft lever clearance0.2-0.5 mm
(0.008-0.020 in.)0.62 mm
(0.024 in.)Select leverFinger width12.80-12.95 mm (0.504-0.510 in.)———Shift leverShaft-to-select lever clearance0.05-0.35 mm
(0.002-0.014 in.)0.55 mm
(0.024 in.)Groove (to select lever)13.00-13.15 mm
(0.512-0.518 in.)———Shaft-to-shift arm clearance0.013-0.070 mm
(0.0005-0.0028 in.)0.1 mm
(0.004 in.)M/T differential carrierPinion shaft contact area I.D.18.010-18.028 mm
(0.7091-0.7098 in.)———Carrier-to-pinion shaft clearance0.023-0.057 mm
(0.0009-0.0022 in.)0.1 mm
(0.004 in.)Driveshaft contact area I.D.26.025-26.045 mm
(1.0246-1.0254 in.)———M/T differential pinion gearBacklash0.05-0.15 mm
(0.002-0.006 in.)———I.D.18.042-18.066 mm
(0.7103-0.7113 in.)———Pinion gear-to-pinion shaft clearance0.055-0.095 mm
(0.0022-0.0037 in.)0.15 mm
(0.006 in.)72 mm shim72 mm shin-to-bearing outer race clearance in transmission housing0-0.1 mm (0-0.004 in.)Adjust


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