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My Accord does not have any power when trying to get up to speed

Car: Honda, Accord LX, 1989     -    Back to Fix-It    -    Honda Accord LX Repair Manuals

Q.My 89 Honda Accord LX has 95K. It has been in dry storage for 3 years. It started right up. It does not have any power when trying to get up to speed, such as on-ramps with a slight grade or on freeways that have a slight grade. Also radiator fan does not turn on when engine gets hot. I have replaced the fan swithch on the radiator and still does not come on when hot.

I have changed or checked the following items, plugs, wires, both fuel filters, valve adjustment, new catylic converter, made sure the muffler was not clogged and air filter.
What else should I check for? This car has always been serviced.

More Info required Have you checked the timing setting? These are hard to see the timing marks, because they are on the flywheel.

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