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Car will not start - lost the keyless gizmo last week

Car: Subaru, Legacy, 1998     -    Back to Fix-It    -    Subaru Legacy Repair Manuals 98 subaru legacy wagon will not start due to; 1 I lost the keyless gizmo last week. 2 The security system is so darn sensitive it activates on it's own. 3 my owners manual starts in section 3 and the instructions to disable are in section 1-10. What I need to know is how do I permanently do away with this useless system?

I already checked/done: tried to find button referred to by Beechmont Subaru, under dash. Found the box but not the button. The light on the dash depresses but if it's the button, I'm not sure of the correct sequence to disable system. I'd like to disable the sucker permanently, will removing applicable fuse enable me to do that?

Answer If you can't find the button, try disconnecting the battery negative cable, then turn the key on and reattach the cable. This should reset the security system. Normally however you should only need to reset it if the battery has gone down. Give this a try!

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