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Focus zts engine died in the middle of traffic.

Car: Ford, Focus ZTS, 2000, 2 litre     -    Back to Fix-It    -    Ford Repair Manuals

Q.My daughter was driving her ford 2000 ford focus zts when the engine died in the middle of traffic. The engine turns over and almost wants to start but will not start. I have worked on cars for several years as a home mechanic and would appreciate any suggestions on how best to approach troubleshooting.

Answer I will need to know which cylinders do not have spark.
You will want to listen for the fuel pump cycling on for 3 seconds when first turning key to on. Depress the fuel test shrader valve down to see if fuel squirts up. If it doesn't probably need new fuel pump [which is a common concern on these cars] If you do not hear it run, check the inertia switch. You can also use carb spray into throttle body to confirm lack of fuel concern.
Tell me whether the check engine light comes on with the key on and goes off during cranking of the engine.
Of course pull spark plug wires off of each plug to make sure you are getting spark t.. >> login for more

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