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Radio has no sound at all when car is started

Car: Honda, Civic EX, 1999, 4 cyclinder     -    Back to Fix-It    -    Honda Civic EX Repair Manuals

Q.My son has a 1999 Honda Civic ex coupe that had the radio stolen. He recently installed a JVC radio that works fine with the ignition to ACC or on but has no sound at all when car is started. The radio display seems to be ok showing the station or volume both of which can be changed. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks. John.

I already checked/done: Checked constant hot wire and hot when in acc & on to radio connector when engine is running. Both ok.

Answer It sounds like he may have accidently touched a + and - of the speaker wires together and blown out the internal sound chip in the radio. Tell him take a external speaker and hook it up to the wires directly at the radio to see if it works, if not the radio needs to be replaced.

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